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graduation 2008 maastricht
jewellery + product design
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graduation 2008 maastricht

jewellery + product design


Stefanie Condes
Corine Krousen
Angela Jansen
Julie Mepham
Sarah Mesritz
Inge Rens
Rosalie Royen
Milou Savelkoul
Noor Smeets

graduation exhibition

The department DESIGN of the Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht will organize this years’ Graduation Exhibition from July 5th – July 9th.

The exhibition will show the work of both the Jewellery & Product Design department as well as that of the Fashion & Textile in a joined presentation. The opening of this exhibition will take place on July 4th (The opening is on invitation only!).

This exhibition will take place at the ABK M and at another loacation in Maastricht and will show the work of about 40 graduate students.

Each project will highlight a fresh and often autonomous view of the academy’s students with a focus on the usability and emotion of objects and their interaction with the environment. The industrial venue of the location at which the exhibition is held strengthens the bond between craftsmanship and industrial production.

The exhibition will feature innovative and often poetic solutions for objects used in daily life, fashion, jewellery and basic materials by a new generation of young and talented students.

ABK Maastricht
(department s&p)
Herdenkingsplein 12
NL-6211 PW Maastricht
The Netherlands

exhibition address
Maagdendries 12
NL-6211 RW Maastricht
The Netherlands

opening hours
05.07.2008 11 am-7 pm
06.07.2008 11 am-7 pm
07.07.2008 11 am-7 pm
08.07.2008 11 am-7 pm
09.07.2008 02 pm-7 pm

Laszlo Rozsnoki
Nina Kappenstein
Salome Kleb
Nika Rams
Kaspar Hamacher
Eefje Schenk
Sabine Scheurer
Julia Velednitski
Tess Vuurman
Jana Walliser
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